Guava is not Agave... or, I want to go to Florida!

Guava is not Agave... or, I want to go to Florida!

I grew up in paradise - the name of this paradise is Sarasota, Florida.  That is the reason I created "Tropical Guava Birdsnest Cookies." 

I am passionate about the very romantic and passionate flavor of Guava!

Every summer our home was filled with the sweet fragrance of Guavas simmering on the stove being turned into a magical jelly.  At that time I didn't know that they were so full of health benefits, didn't care, just waited for them to be ready to eat on biscuits, toast, ice cream, in barbecue sauce, FANTASTIC!

Fresh Guava from the tree is very pretty, with a pear-like outside and bright pink fruit inside (you should eat the peel also).  It has lovely subtle flavor that is enjoyable but the transformation to jelly is where the deep tropical magic begins.

Guava is called "the super-fruit" and it is no wonder!  One guava contains 37 calories, 3 grams of fiber and more than 200% of your daily Vitamin C needs -- take that, orange!  So here is a snapshot of other credits to guava.  (Reminder: many of these benefits are from the whole, fresh fruit, but it's still fascinating.)

The bottom line for me is still the exotic flavor of guava, complimented with coconut, lime and rum.  

I hope you will take advantage of the 15% off for March to try a "Tropical Guava Birdsnest Cookie."  Use TROP15 at checkout.

15% Off Tropical Guava Birdsnest Cookies

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Here is a link from Dr. Mercola's website for more nutritonal information and a link to "Healthline" to compliment Dr. Mercola's info:


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