About Us

Nancy Kavalieratos 

Founder of The Spelt Gourmet Cookie Company

Welcome to the Spelt Gourmet Cookie Company!! Everyone that knows me knows how much I have always loved to bake and spend hours in my kitchen with recipes scattered all around! NOT! (No one says that anymore but it’s all I could think of.)

What really happened (without out too many details) is that I realized one day I was feeling very poorly and found myself severely reacting to many foods. I went to an allergist, who after testing found I was severely affected by nearly every grain known to man -- except spelt.

Spelt. What is that?

I bought spelt flour and started baking with it and fell in love because I was able to eat my favorite foods without feeling badly. I researched the history and benefits of spelt and began to love it more!

Now, today, it is an even more amazing food than it ever has been (for nearly 9,000 years) in that it is sprouted, then dried and milled to flour. This process changes a perfect ancient grain, into a new living food! It is digested as a vegetable and not a starch because it has been transformed into a simple carbohydrate, packed with enhanced protein and nutrients, and an amazing array of health benefits.

I began to imagine that myriads of people beyond health food enthusiasts would enjoy organic sprouted spelt products, especially in bold, luxuriously delicious cookies and pastries. They should experience that products made with organic sprouted spelt are light in texture and delicious because of its nutty sweetness. 

The Spelt Gourmet Cookie Company products also include other excellent ingredients like Sucanat, a natural sweetener made from dried sugar cane juice that still has tons of nutrients in it that are processed out of other sweeteners, cage-free eggs, organic dark chocolates, hand-chopped organic nuts, and coconut, sweet cream butter, imported spices and other fresh, whole ingredients.

Now I am in the kitchen baking and loving it -- with wonderful recipes for organic sprouted spelt products scattered all around!